About Private Neurology

Remember the "good old days" when the doctor didn't rush you through your office visit, and when he took the time to answer all of your questions and concerns no matter how long it took? Remember when you actually got to see a real doctor instead of being forced to see a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner? Remember when it didn't take 2 months to get an appointment to see the doctor? Well, those days are resurfacing again, and that is the essence of Private Neurology.


Private Neurology is a third-party-free practice. That means that I do not allow any insurance or government bureaucrat to interfere in your medical care. Physicians, not HMO or government bureaucrats, should be the ones practicing medicine. I also believe patients are smart enough to make their own medical decisions, with the advice of their physician, and Private Neurology puts patients back in charge of their own medical care. I work directly for patients, not for government or HMO bureaucrats (bureaucrats who often work against the best interest of the patient). I practice medicine not bureaucracy.


Because I am free of the coercion, restrictions and health care rationing imposed by Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs and other third parties, I am able to provide a totally objective assessment of your condition and can recommend a treatment designed to meet your individual needs.


Private Neurology also believes in protecting patient privacy in accordance with the Oath of Hippocrates. Since I am a non-covered entity under HIPAA, your medical records are safe from the increased risk of disclosure under HIPAA law.